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5 Year Anniversary | Incline Design Group | Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah

This past October, with our noses to the grindstone, we passed over an incredible milestone for Incline Design Group (IDG)—we officially crossed the 5-year threshold. Though our business revolves around building marketing plans for our clients and creating content calendars that include important things like business anniversaries—things that tell the story of an organization and […]

2019 Best Gifts of the Year

When you spend your days obsessing over trend forecasting, user interaction, pixel-based grids, and color forecasting, you can get pretty obsessive about design in general. Many graphic designers are also armchair photographers, architects, and industrial designers (if they don’t already professionally overlap) just because of their attention to detail and appreciation of thoughtful design.  With […]

I was recently thinking about family in Croatia and sifting through my photos from my last trip over there and found these great graphic design and type inspiration examples. For the most part, Croatia is a country that lives with a past and a history so deep, it’s hard for us (North Americans) to even […]

It is equally important to invest yourself in the world you work in, as it is to occasionally escape. in July of 2018 Scott and Craig head into the Interior of Alaska for 2 weeks of bikepacking.

Incline Design Group partnering with Wasatch Mountain Film Festival

Once in a while you meet someone and you know from that first smile: this is something. There’s magic. There’s an extra spring in your step. You’re in it for the long haul. It’s a dream when this happens in the design world. This pretty much sums up my first meeting with Wasatch Mountain Arts, […]

Incline Design Group—The Realities of Office Life

At IDG, we have clients in 4 countries and a distributed work force of the most talented writers, photographers, stylists, videographers, editors, designers, and developers I could have ever hoped to work with. So how do we manage our workload, share assets and deliverables, and ensure our projects continue forward at a steady clip? Technology, my friends! […]

Tour of California 2017, ASSOS Leaders Jerseys Design

Through my connections from 20 years in the cycling industry, I was approached by Swiss cycling apparel maker ASSOS for a retail apparel project. Well known for their quality, ASSOS is a small company and my favorite kind of client: bike related, design related, focused on quality. About a week into the project they told me […]

IDG Hrvatska Tipkovnica

It is true. I’m super excited to get this new website launched. This is the 3rd version of our website i’ve built since launching Spaceboy Creative back in 2014—but this is the first version I’ve really* liked. As a business that builds websites it is REALLY HARD to build your own site. We have a […]