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Scott Richardson. Founder, Designer, Creative Director


Founder, Designer, Creative Director

For more than 25 years Scott has been working as a Designer, Marketing Strategist, and Creative Director with a variety of clients, from single-owner boutiques and small businesses to large-scale e-commerce and retail companies. Specializing in the outdoor, bike, and travel industries while also working with tech companies and startups, Scott has been working tirelessly to help his clients and friends take their big ideas from imagination to execution, work with businesses to develop multifaceted marketing strategies, run remote and in-house creative teams, and build design projects that push boundaries and drive results… all while helping businesses to push their offerings and structures for scalability and survival.

When he’s not obsessing over color trends, type harmonies, and layout, Scott is riding, running, pedaling, and paddling the Western U.S. or sneaking in an occasional escape to a favorite spot abroad (like the Croatian Motherland!). Tracing the contours of long miles in the mountains are his major inspiration and guide his perspective and approach to design, strategy, and life.