Hey—It’s a Website Facelift!

IDG Hrvatska Tipkovnica

It is true. I’m super excited to get this new website launched. This is the 3rd version of our website i’ve built since launching Spaceboy Creative back in 2014—but this is the first version I’ve really* liked.

As a business that builds websites it is REALLY HARD to build your own site. We have a design perspective and opinion- but we also have to balance that with the perspective and opinion of our prospective clients (hey—maybe that’s you! If so say Hi on this page!). A website is a tool that is one part marketing of your business and one part sales tool. And the most effective way we see of building a site that appeals to a large and diverse client base is by building a site that is minimal, modern and clean (i know- everyone who works with me just rolled their eyes because i say that about everything), and that is mechanically dialed. That is my biggest focus on this site.. building out the tools that make this an effective sales tool for us- but is also a venue for getting our work, ideas, and opinions on the state of design and the world out to the masses. It’s valuable for everyone to see our past work… but it is even more valuable for everyone to hear what we have to say, to get a glimpse of the ideas and strategies behind the work that we do. This is a chance for us to say do as i say AND as i do

So enjoy! Drop us a line if anything is broken ????